Quality Carport Tube Bending Machines & Carport Brackets

Hi! We’re Cold Springs Enterprises, Inc., and we sell state-of-the-art tube bending machines and custom hardware for carports and enclosed buildings. Our tube-bending machines can dramatically increase your carport frame production rate. Or, get custom-designed carport brackets and hardware shipped right to where you are. Either way, we’ll help you each step of the way!

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The Versabend

A revolutionary addition to the carport industry, we sell a tube bending machine (the Versabend) that can bend square and rectangular metal tubing. Instead of crushing the peak or eave bend, these tube bending machines create a much stronger bend at the desired angles.

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Galvanized Carport Brackets

We also offer standard or custom-designed, galvanized-steel hardware for carports and enclosed buildings. While we do have a standard line of galvanized steel brackets that we manufacture, we also would love to customize brackets to your specifications, if need be.

From Our Customers…

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Why Choose Cold Spring Enterprises?

Established for about 25 years, we’ve loved helping small-time manufacturers and DIYers across the U.S. increase production and make dreams come true. We’ve established trust with our local customers here in SC and would also love to entrust you with exceptional service…wherever you live!


We’re able to have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to customizing your carport hardware. Call us, and we’ll discuss the details of your brainstorm!


After 25 years in the metal industry, we can say that we know a good bit about the metal and carport industry. But don’t just listen to us. Listen to our customers!


We are committed to excellent customer service. We know the importance of building trust with our customers. Good communication is everything!

More Services

While we deliver our tube bending machines and galvanized carport hardware, nationwide, we also deliver and install custom carports, offer custom metal fabrication services, and much more…all within a 60-mile radius of our shop in Abbeville, SC. 

exterior of carport for sale at cold spring enterprises in SC
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Where We Deliver

We deliver our carport hardware and tube-bending machines nationwide. Whether you live in Los Angeles, California, or northern Maine, we’d love to deliver our products directly to your shop or doorstep!