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Square Tube Benders

Learn a revolutionary way to bend carport framing.

Meet the Versabend. It’s a square and rectangular tube bending machine that allows for repetitive and consistent tube frame bending for carports and enclosed buildings.

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Versatile Bender

The Versabend can bend 2\”, 2 1/4\”, and 2 1/2\ square tubing. It’s also able to bend 2”x3” rectangle tubing in both 12ga and 14ga thicknesses.

No Tools Needed

Changing between tube-bending sizes only takes several seconds. Plus, you don’t need any tools. This allows for a much quicker tube-bending process.

Quicker Production Process

Our square tube benders let you make a complete bow in 3 bends, while other tube-bending processes take 5 bends. This yields a faster production rate.

Versabend Specifications

Machine Length61 in.
Machine Width43 in.
Machine Height43 in.
Machine Weight1,000 lbs.
Motor Size5 HP
Motor RPM1725
Tonnage9.9 Tons
Cylinder Bore3 in.
Cylinder Rod Dia.2 in.
Cylinder Stroke Length20 in.
Power Requirements220V Single Phase*
Amp Draw22 AMPS

*Three Phase Power Pack Optional

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Where We Are

Our headquarters is based in Abbeville, SC, which is about 86 miles west of Columbia and 45 miles south of Greenville, SC. Whether you live in Los Angeles or New York City, we’ll ship your Versabend to you!

We Also Offer…

Need some standard or custom-made brackets for your carport or enclosed building? We’re able to ship galvanized-steel carport hardware and brackets nationwide. We have a standard line of metal carport hardware but also specialize in custom-designed carport hardware specific to your job.

Financing Your VersaBent Bending Machine

We understand that investing in the latest technology for your business can be a substantial financial commitment. To make acquiring our cutting-edge VersaBent bending machine even more accessible, we offer a range of flexible financing solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Q: Can you bend square tubing with a pipe bender?

A: Yes, you can bend square tubing with a pipe bending machine (e.g. the Versabend). That’s what this page is all about! We offer a square tube bender that can bend both square and rectangular tubing.

Q: How do you bend a square metal tube?

A: Our Versabend machine bends a square metal tube using a hydraulic ram and head that forms the tube as it bends. This yields a much stronger bend than if the angle were simply crushed or two metal pieces were welded together to form the angle.

Q: How do you bend a square tube without kinking it?

A: Using the proper dies for square tube bending will ensure that the tubing will not kink when bent. The Versabend machine uses a proprietary tube bending process that has been proven to increase the strength and stability of the overall frame and also does not allow kinking. 

Q: Do you offer financing for square tube benders?

A: We’ve partnered with American Capital Group to offer financing for our Versabend tube bending machine. Apply here!

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