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Square Tube Bending Machine (Versabend)

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, where agility and adaptability are key to success, the demand for versatile, efficient, and customizable solutions is greater than ever. This need extends to the realm of steel frame structures, where precision and flexibility are essential for meeting the diverse requirements of modern manufacturing processes. Among the array of technologies available, the square tube bending machine emerges as a standout performer, seamlessly integrating these critical attributes into its design and functionality.

Square Tube Bending Machine

At its core, the versabend is a square tube bending machine that embodies versatility, enabling manufacturers to tackle a wide range of tube bending tasks with ease. Whether its bending carport bows or a simple lean-to rafter, this innovative yet simple technology offers users great flexibility, allowing for the simple and fast production of the needed components in the tube-frame industry. With its ability to handle different materials, thicknesses, and bending angles, the square tube bending machine empowers users to meet the ever-changing demands of their customers and markets.

What Is the Square Tube Bender  Machine Used For?

The square tube bending machine (versabend) is most commonly used in the carport and tube-frame industries to bend metal framing components. Its consistent and precise bending capabilities give users the tools necessary to create carport bows using various bend angles for the corners and peaks. It’s simple and user-friendly design makes this machine very intuitive and helps to create a very efficient fabrication process.

Square Tube Bending Machine for sale

Tube Bending Process

The versabend machine streamlines tube bending processes, maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime with hydraulic controls and precision tooling. Swift and accurate bending operations reduce setup times and increase throughput, enhancing production capacity and cost-effectiveness for manufacturers.

What Sizes of Square Tubing Can Versabend Bend?

The versabend, with its versatile capabilities, can effortlessly bend various sizes and shapes of tubing. It can handle 2″, 2 1/4″, and 2 1/2″ square tubing, providing flexibility for different project requirements. Additionally, it excels in bending 2”x3” rectangle tubing, accommodating both 12ga and 14ga thicknesses with precision and ease.

How To Bend Square Tubing

The square tube bending machine (versabend) is an advanced tube bending technology that accommodates four common sizes of tubing used in the carport industry with a single head and adjustable shims. This square tube bending machine features end-stops and a center mark for precise bending. Adjustable stops at the back allow for setting desired degrees, including roof pitch angles, with an automatic limit switch for safety and easy retraction from the bend. 

Watch the video below to see how the Versabend square tube bending machine works.

Custom Tube Bending

The versatility and innovative design of this machine makes it essential for achieving custom jobs efficiently and accurately. Its easily adjustable stops and hydraulic hand control makes custom bend jobs quick and easy to accomplish. The simplicity and durability of the versabend gives users the ability to confidently design and bend carport frames to their specifications.

Tube Bending Problems and Solutions

Tube bending can encounter various problems during the process, including wrinkling, springback, and inconsistent bends. Square tube bending machines offer solutions to these challenges through their advanced features and capabilities.

Wrinkling: Wrinkles can occur on the inner or outer surface of the tube during bending, especially when bending tight radii or thin-walled tubing. Verabend machines employ mandrels and wiper dies to support the tube internally and prevent wrinkling, ensuring smooth bends.

Springback: After bending, some materials tend to spring back slightly, causing deviations from the desired shape. Verabend machines compensate for springback through precise control of bending parameters such as pressure, speed, and tooling, ensuring accurate final dimensions.

Inconsistent Bends: Variations in bend angles or dimensions can lead to rejected parts and waste material. Verabend machines feature advanced control systems that ensure uniform bending throughout the production process, reducing scrap and improving efficiency.

Tube Bending Machine Manufacturer

We are one of America’s leading carport tube bending machines manufacturers, based in South Carolina. With decades of experience, we have been producing versabend square tube bending machines that are renowned for their quality and durability. If you’re in search of a high-quality square tube bending machine built to last for generations, Cold Spring Enterprises is the right choice for you.

Square Tube Bender For Sale

Our square tube bender is for sale for $19,500. Located in Abbeville, SC, we offer convenient online quoting through our website. Additionally, nationwide shipping is available for our versabend, ensuring accessibility for customers across the country.

Financing Your Versabend Square Tube Bending Machine

We understand that investing in the latest technology for your business can be a substantial financial commitment. To make acquiring our cutting-edge versabent even more accessible, we offer a range of flexible financing solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Square Tube Bending Machine Gallery 

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